following taken from an application to the supervillain registry(response pending; rejection assumed at this point)(this was done as a joke)):



NAME: the mad Doktor Bettersandvich Md (formerly Mjr. Gannet)

SYMBOL: Gannet(diving)

1)making masks out of shirts to preserve secret identity
4)making better more memorable sandwiches than the members of the world superhero registry
5)evil medical degree

WEAKNESSES: [information withheld] rumored to lack immunity to bullets

ORIGIN: Born Thomas A. Gannet, he claims to have become 'The Gannet' after being shat upon by a radioactive gull and gaining the powers of flight and diving neither of which have been witnessed at this date. After being ignored by the world superhero registry(least thy could have done was sent a rejection email) The Gannet decided to become a super villain and dedicate a small portion of his free time to the destruction of the glorified spandex wearing LARPers who shunned him. This is to be accomplished not by direct conflict resulting in a super battle, nor through elaborate plans, but by following a block behind the heroes as they hand out sandwiches and pass out better more interesting sandwiches thus robbing them of the fame which they hold so dear. The group deprived of their spotlight will all but dissolve and the remaining few will be fought one at a time and ...gotten rid of.. Muhahaha...and there is nothing you can do to stop me. ...To further his goals he took several culinary classes, over time he also earned an evil medical degree

CATCHPHRASE: "Curses foiled again"(a cry first uttered as his supposedly more interesting sandwich(open faced roast beef) was defeated by a 6 foot long meatball sub(also called a hero), and subsequently wrapped in foil and refrigerated) sadly this has become his catchphrase as time and time again he is defeated (the most recent and more humiliating time was the defeat of his masterpiece surf and turf burger by a gyro because the gannet was unaware of the hobo's lobster allergy)

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