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Penny: Keep Your Head Up is a short comic giving a glimpse into Penny's private life. It is on Dark Horse Comics Myspace page, in issue number 23.

This is another comic book written by Zack Whedon for Dark Horse comics featuring a character from Dr. Horrible's sing along blog. The comic partially explains part of Penny's personal life and gives some explanation as to why she is still single.

Special Appearances

Dr. Horrible - Appears briefly getting beaten up in the park

Capt. Hammer - Appears In the same shot beating up Dr. Horrible

Wingspan - Appears fighting a giant robot

Second Look

Wingspan vs Robot - On the first page in the background you can see Wingspan fighting the giant robot later mentioned

You literate little minx - On the side of Penny's cupboard there is a sticker that says "reading is sexy"

Control your animal - Probably noticed but outrageous dog walker manages to catch his hat as it flies off his head

Mysterious suited man - For no apparent reason a man in a suit walks half way up a path and then heads back down this is on the same page that Penny agrees to go out on a date

Hook line and Sinker - On the first page poking her head into a car is what you can only assume is a prostitute

Caring Hands - The name of the homeless shelter that Penny works at is called the Caring Hands Homeless Shelter and was possibly her inspiration for her song "Lend a Caring Hand".