Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Title Freeze Ray
Act Act I
Interpreter(s) Dr. Horrible
Song Guide
Bad Horse Chorus

Freeze Ray is the first song of Act 1 of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and the first one overall in the Dr. Horrible series. Interpreted by Dr. Horrible, after a mail from Dead-Not-Sleeping, asking him about the "her" he references in his videos. The songs talks about Dr. Horrible's wish to talk to Penny, the girl he knows from the laundromat.


Laundry day
See you there
Under Things

Wanna Say
Love your Hair
Here I go

With my Freeze Ray
I will stop
The world

With my Freeze Ray
I will find the time
To find the words to

Tell you how
How you make
Make me feel
What’s the phrase?

Like a fool
Kinda sick
Special needs

With my Freeze Ray I will stop
The pain
It’s not a Death Ray or an icebeam
That’s so Johnny Snow

I just think you need time to know
That I’m the guy to make it real
The feelings you don’t dare to feel

I’ll bend the world to our will
And we’ll make time stand still

That’s the plan
Rule the world
You and me

Love your hair
No I…I uh… love the air

With my Freeze Ray I will stop–-
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