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General Information
Affiliation(s): Henchmen Union
Other Information
Appears in: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Act I), (Act II), (Act III),
Moist: Humidity Rising
Songs Performed:
So They Say (Speaking part)
Look at me, man! I'm Moist! At my most badass, I make people feel like they want to take a shower.


Moist (portrayed by Simon Helberg) is a friend/henchman of Dr. Horrible . His main power is apparently the ability to make things wet which manifests itself as him constantly being soaked to the point where it seems like he sweats profusely. Moist is a member of the Henchmen Union. When Dr. Horrible is contemplating on the idea of killing, Moist suggests children and the elderly, suggesting that he has less compunctions against killing than Dr. Horrible. He is last seen at a party, patting Dr. Horrible on the back.

According to the online comic "Moist: Humidity Rising", Moist was originally a child suffering from dry skin from Passaic, New Jersey (which explains the NJ State Police shirt seen in scene II.) To help him, his father bought a humidifier that runs on plutonium, which rendered him consistently wet. He later met Dr. Horrible for the first time after his failed attempt to ambush Captain Hammer in an autograph signing, helping him up while praising him for being willing to stand up to Hammer. Horrible then told Moist that he was interested in getting a henchman, which leads to Moist getting a phone number about an application to presumably the Henchmen Union.

He also might be taller than Billy.


  • Moist is around 22 during the story. He was born in 1981, making him 4 years younger than Billy. When he was 6 years old, he says he was "reborn" as Moist.
  • Like Captain Hammer, his real name is never mentioned throughout the story and is completely unknown.