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General Information
Affiliation(s): (possibly) Captain Hammer
Other Information
Appears in: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Act I, Act II, Act III)
Songs Performed: So They Say, Everyone's A Hero

Captain Hammer has three groupies through most of the film. However, upon being defeated by Dr. Horrible, the groupies forgot Hammer and began instead to worship Doctor Horrible.

Groupies - In Hammer's Glory Days
The groupies consists of three people; two girls and one boy. At first the groupies are obsessed with Captain Hammer to an extreme extent, collecting anything that has been in contact with him, including his hair and his dry cleaning bill (four sweater vests). These groupies also wear Captain Hammer T-shirts to support their "hero."

Groupies - After Dr. Horrible Defeats Hammer
The groupies now have changed their idol almost as soon as Hammer was defeated and now support Dr. Horrible. Rather than wearing their Captain Hammer T-shirts, they wear similarly-designed T-shirts with Dr. Horrible on them. With these they wear welding goggles resembling those of Dr. Horrible. They haven't been seen with any Dr. Horrible memorabilia other than the attire and a picture of him.

Production background[]

Maurissa Tancharoen and Stacy Shirk portrayed the two female groupies, Groupie #1 and Groupie #2. The only male Groupie, Groupie #3, is played by Steve Berg.