Fake Thomas Jefferson
Fake Thomas Jefferson
General Information
Affiliation(s): Evil League of Evil
Other Information
Appears in: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (Act III)
Best Friends Forever
Songs Performed: None.

Fake Thomas Jefferson (portrayed by Drew Goddard) is a member of the Evil League of Evil. He dresses in an exaggerated 18th-century Colonial outfit, including a tri-corner hat and a decorated pink sash. He claims to be the real Thomas Jefferson (no one believes him), and says he has the strength of five men, or three slaves, depending on your unit of measurement. He is adept in horticulture and architecture, and longs to be the Vice President of the Evil League of Evil. He and Dead Bowie have had confrontations on this subject, usually ending with Bowie referring to FTJ as a "kiss-arse" (especially with him constantly bringing up what a great leader he thinks Bad Horse is, much to Dead Bowie's chagrin).

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