Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Title Everyone's A Hero
Act Act III
Interpreter(s) Captain Hammer, homeless shelter crowd
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So They Say
Everyone's a Hero is the second song of Act III of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Following a short intro speech, Captain Hammer proceeds to sing that everyone is a hero: a seemingly uplifting song that in fact contains ironic commentary as Captain Hammer can't help but point out that he is the only real hero. His last line is interrupted by Dr. Horrible freezing him with his freeze ray.


It may not feel too classy
begging just to eat.
But you know who does that? Lassie!
And she always gets a treat!

So you wonder what your part is
'cause you're homeless and depressed.
But home is where the heart is
so your real home's in your chest!

Everyone's a hero in their own way.
Everyone's got villains they must face.

They're not as cool as mine,
But, folks, you know it's fine
to know your place!

Everyone's a hero in their own way.
In their own, not-that-heroic, way!

So I thank my girlfriend, Penny.

Yeah, we totally had sex.

She showed me there's so many
different muscles I can flex.

There's the deltoids of compassion,
there's the abs of being kind.
It's not enough to bash in heads,
you've got to bash in minds!

Everyone's a hero in their own way,
everyone's got something they can do.

Get up, go out and fly.
Especially that guy,
he smells like poo!

Everyone's a hero in their own way:
you, and you, and mostly me, and you!

I'm poverty's new sheriff,
and I'm bashing in the slums.
A hero doesn't care if you're
a bunch of scary alcoholic bums!


Everyone's a hero in their own way!

We're heroes too!

Everyone can blaze a hero's trail.

We're just like you!

Don't worry if it's hard.
If you're not a friggin' 'tard
you will prevail!

Everyone's a hero in their own way!

We're heroes too!

Everyone's a hero in their--!!

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