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Commentary! the Musical
Title Commentary
Interpreter(s) Ensemble
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Commentary is the first song featured in Commentary! the Musical. It is interpreted by an ensemble made up of most (if not all) of the cast.


(All): Commentary!

Commentary! Fasten your seatbelts, it's a commentary!

Everyone loves These "Making Of"s The story behind the scenes The way that we got That one cool shot And what it all means

We'll talk about the writing We'll probably say, "It's great!" And the acting's so exciting, Except for Nate.

Nathan: I phoned it in.

Commentary! Commentary! Set course for wonder, it's a commentary!

Bring back the cast, We'll have a blast Discussing days of yore! Moments like these Sell DVDs We need to sell more! (We've only sold four!)

We'll tell you which jokes were Joss's Mauriss's! Or Jed's! Or Zack's! We won't have those awkward pauses!

And you'll be dazed by the haze of blazing praise Arrays of ways to rephrase "Those were the days" Laid on so thick It'll make you sick That's the trick to all these


Commentary! Here comes the insight, It's a filmmaker's journey, It's a road to adventure, It's a burst of fruit flavour, It's a most uncommon Commentary!