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A collection of activists, homeless, and press at the dedication of the new building.

Caring Hands Homeless Shelter was a shelter for the homeless of Los Angeles.

In Act I, Penny tries to collect signatures on a petition for the mayor so that he can give an abandoned building, scheduled to be demolished to make room for a parking lot, to the shelter. She estimated that the new building would offer space for 250 beds, as well as provide job training opportunities. Dr. Horrible, wanting to impress Penny, signs the petition.

In the second act, Captain Hammer, Dr. Horrible's nemesis, provides the last signature to Mayor Hankins so that the abandonment will go to Caring Hands Homeless Shelter.


The Caring Hands Homeless Shelter has a similiar logo to the "Hungry Hands" Soup Kitchen that Barney (played by Billy's actor Neil Patrick Harris) serves at in the 9th episode of the 1st season of How I Met Your Mother.