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Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
Episode Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Air date July 19, 2008
Performed Songs: So They Say,
Everyone's A Hero,
Everything You Ever
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Act II

Act III is the third act of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Plot Sypnosis[]

The News is reporting a Captain Hammer statue dedication.

Dr. Horrible prepares his Freeze Ray and creates a new Death Ray, an upgrade of a Stun Ray he had most likely made prior to Act 1. Meanwhile, Penny is busy putting together the new homeless shelter and, while waiting for Billy in the laundromate, contemplating whether or not she loves Captain Hammer. Amidst all of this, Captain Hammer's fanbase is ecstatic, and Hammer thinks about continuing his physical relationship with Penny.

Later at the statue dedication, Captain Hammer is called upon to do a speech. He begins by reading from cue cards, but eventually puts them aside to give his own message.

In his speech, Captain Hammer explains that "everyone's a hero in their own way." As he does so, he manages to embarrass Penny into hiding by pointing her out to the crowd and proclaiming that they had sex. Mid-sentence Dr. Horrible appears and uses his freeze ray against Captain Hammer, rendering him immobile.

Dr. Horrible begins to speak to the crowd and attempts to reveal to them that society is corrupt and how he wants this crime to be known to everyone. Eventually he draws his death ray and begins to threaten them and the rest of the world. After striking fear into the crowd, Dr. Horrible admits his relief that Penny is not present (unaware that she is hiding behind some chairs) and prepares to attack Captain Hammer. The freeze ray powers down at that moment and Dr. Horrible is knocked to the floor by Captain Hammer causing him to drop and damage his Death Ray.

Finishing the last line of his song, Captain Hammer attempts to kill Dr. Horrible with the death ray when the gun explodes in Captain Hammer's hand, sending him running away unscathed but in pain for the first time in his life. Dr. Horrible, while taking note of the wreckage, notices Penny lying against a wall severely injured. He runs to her aid. She recognizes him as Billy and tells him not to worry because Captain Hammer would "save" them. Within seconds she is dead.

Dr. Horrible picks up Penny's body and places it on a stretcher whilst proclaiming that his victory is complete in a somber tone. Images of newspaper headings of Penny's death along with his own successful heists are shown to the audience behind the music. Soon after his "successful" murder of Penny, Dr. Horrible evidently holds a party to honor his admittance into the Evil League of Evil. After a brief scene at the party, Dr. Horrible prepares himself to enter into the league, new outfit and all, whilst singing about how the world would "quake with fear" because of his newfound power. Finally, he states that he "won't feel a thing," the last two words being uttered by a lonely and depressed-looking Billy in his home, alone.