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Act Short Sypnosis
Act I Dr. Horrible wishes to impress a girl from the laundromat, and also get into the Evil League of Evil. He executes a plan to steal a case of Wonderflonium for a weapon he is developing. He manages to steal the Wonderflonium, however, he accidentally allows his nemesis, Captain Hammer, and Penny to meet.
Act II Dr. Horrible is bitter about Captain Hammer and Penny meeting. He finally manages to talk to Penny in the laundromat, but Captain Hammer arrives. Dr. Horrible, as Captain Hammer was a jerk to him, decides he is going to kill him to get into the Evil League of Evil.
Act III The city is going to display a statue of Captain Hammer at the new Caring Hands Homeless Shelter. As Captain Hammer is giving a speech, Dr. Horrible freezes him. However, he is unable to kill him, and the Freeze Ray effect ends. Captain Hammer sends Dr. Horrible flying, and this sends his weapon into the floor, damaging it. As Captain Hammer tries to kill Dr. Horrible with it, the weapon explodes. Parts of the weapon strike Penny, mortally wounding her. Dr. Horrible is blamed for her death, and enters into the Evil League of Evil.